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Traffic Tickets Defended

This area is provided to allow you the option to request a call back from my staff for help with NEW TICKETS ONLY.

If you desire information on any other business you may have with me, please call 817-924-3236, or come by my office at 3024 Sandage Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76109.  My staff will be happy to assist you.

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Contacting my office through this site does not guarantee that I will be able to provide representation on your ticket.  My staff will call you to obtain specific information.  My ability to take your case and my fee will be discussed then.

Legal fees must be received by my office before legal work will begin.

Click here to call our offices @ 817- 924-3236
If you will call the law office first, you may save yourself a trip!
  No promise as to results. Any fine and any court costs
are not included in fee for legal representation.